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SO-CAL Speed Shop 200mph speedo, 10,000rpm tach and other gauges

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Price: From $27.75 to $419.95

Product Description

SO-CAL Speed Shop Instruments:  We offer two complete sets of gauges; one with 5 gauges and the other with 6, which includes a 10,000rpm electric tach. Both come with either a mechanical 3 3/8” 200mph or electric 140mph speedo. The auxiliary 2 1/16” gauges; electric oil pressure, electric water temp, electric fuel and volt meter all include the appropriate senders and hardware. They have black faces with a small SO-CAL logo, chrome bezels, steel cases and convex glass. All instruments are available separately including our new 10,000 RPM electric tach and electric 140mph speedo.

SO-CAL Speed Shop Direct Mount Gauges:
We offer two types of direct mount gauges; (A) fuel pressure  0-15 psi, 1.5-inch diameter and (B) water temperature 0-250 degrees, 1.4-inch diameter. The fuel gauge is 1/8" npt male direct mount and the temp gauge is either 1/2" or 3/8" npt male direct mount. Both are anti-vibration liquid filled.

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