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OTB Gear Products

OTB Gear was established to channel some fresh retro design products into the hot rod market. We have all witnessed major swings in consumer product design since the post World War II birth of the industry. Just like clothing and other industries, the trendy look of hot rod parts has taken some radical directions at times. Just as avocado appliances had their day, white refrigerators are the comfortable norm again. It’s kind of like that with hot rods, we’ve drifted back to our hobbys’ roots... and now we call it “old school”...


Our first project was to recreate the much admired Guide 682 series of headlights. This was a major undertaking for a small company. It had to be done right. As good as the original  design was, it had to be made better. And it is better. Since then, we have gone on to additional products, but always staying within our niche of retro or old school design.


Part of what drives us at OTB Gear, is our demand for quality. Too often today, the goal is to make a product to sell at a low price, to hopefully increase volume. This is why so many products today tend to disappoint the purchaser. The price may be low, but so may be the final level of satisfaction. We fully stand behind everything we offer, and we encourage your suggestions for improvement.

All of the products we offer are of our own design and manufacture. Every product  is assembled, with care in our facility. The hardest people to please are us...  

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Bug Dome
Price: $15.00
Bug Dome
Flat Top Air Cleaner by OTB Gear
Price: $125.00
Flat Top Air Cleaner by OTB Gear
Finned Top Air Cleaner by OTB Gear
Price: $119.00
Finned Top Air Cleaner by OTB Gear