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SO-CAL Speed Shop Hot Rod Front Brakes (featuring a concealed disc brake)

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Price: From $1,795.00 to $1,995.00

Product Description

Adding to the long list of our 'New Traditionalist' product line is the Hot Rod Brake system. Concealing a disc brake inside a cosmetic aluminum drum cover is nothing new to the industry but the superior construction of this assembly is what puts it in a class by itself. This product is detailed to the max. Check out the features listed below and you will see why we are so excited about this remarkable new addition to the SO-CAL Speed Shops unique line of hot rod products and services.

-Die cast aluminum alloy drum covers. Casting flaws such as pin holes and voids are a thing of the past.

-The backing plate is constructed of pre-polished deep drawn stamped stainless steel. Here again, a flawless finish prevails.

-Air inlet scoops are heat treated investment cast stainless steel, again showing no casting flaws.

-The Hot Rod Brake system uses our own dual piston aluminum calipers made exclusively for this application and feature and our own vented cast iron rotors.

-The entire assembly rides on a New Traditionalist CNC machined aluminum hub that includes the highest quality bearings and seals on the market.

-Hot Rod Brakes are available in 5 on 41/2" , 43/4" and 51/2" bolt circles and fit 37-41 Ford round (not square) style spindles.

-Rear drum covers are also available and designed to fit over 11" Ford drums.

-Hot Rod Brakes are available with plain or polished drums and scoops. The system is sold exclusively through your local SO-CAL Speed Shop or SO-CAL Speed Shop authorized dealer.
NOTE: Assembled from parts made in the U.S.A. and Taiwan

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